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3M Power Line Polyurethane and Hybrid Adhesives and Sealants

3M POWER Line hybrid polyurethane adhesives and sealants are now available from Ellsworth Adhesives. No two industrial bonding or sealing applications are the same. 3M has a complete range of options from which to choose, including products with slow to rapid cure rates and skin times, a wide variety of packaging choices and sizes - from cartridges to sausage packs to drums. These products are ideal for applications including marine, specialty vehicles, glass bonding and glazing and general industrial and construction applications.

3M POWER Line adhesives and sealants offer advanced technologies and superior results:

  •  Advanced chemistries resist cracking, yellowing, chalking and UV degradation.
  •  3M proprietary formulations eliminate foaming - eliminates messy expansion.
  •  Unique 3M formulas offer consistency that maximizes performance - no compromise of performance that can cause bubbling or cracking.
  •  3M hybrids and polyurethanes resist bleeding and staining - no finish staining!

3M POWER Line adhesives and sealants feature innovative
industry-leading packaging:

ALUMINUM cartridges with pull-tab end caps - resists
denting and prevents adhesives/sealants from curing.

Interchangeable, removable tips facillitate rapid cleaning
and easy reuse of open packages, reducing waste.
Clipped-on tip prevents damage during shipping, reducing waste.

Crimped ends on 3M sausage packs (versus wire clips
on other brands) extend shelf life by sealing out moisture,
eliminating premature curing and wasted product.
Color Matching - If your job requires unique colors, 3M's POWER Line products can be customized to match. Consult you Ellsworth ESR for program specifics.

A commitment to sustainabilty - 3M has made a long-term commitment to continuously improve the environmental, health and safety impact of their products and processes. 3M's POWER Line already includes examples of this environmental leadership. Our non-isocyanate, low-VOC hybrid products are not only superior-performing products, but can help you meet your organizational goals for a healthier and safer workplace and better environment.

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