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732 300ML CLR MIL-A-46106


Dow Corning 732 Multi-Purpose Sealant 300ml clear


Dow CorningĀ® 732 Multi-Purpose Sealant is a one-part silicone rubber; adheres to a variety of surfaces, has good resistance to weathering, moisture and temperature extremes and is non-flowable. Cures to form a tough and flexible rubber when exposed to moisture in the air at room temperature. 300 ml cartridge.

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Typical Use:
Used for adhering auto, aircraft and appliance trim, including metal, fabric and fabric-backed plastics, bonding gaskets in heating and refrigeration units and protecting components from moisture from frequent wash downs or weathering.

Product Name: Dow Corning®732 Multi-Purpose Sealant


Key Specifications:UL QMFZ2, MIL-A- 46106
Item Number: 1892070 1 Or 2 Part:1
Base Chemistry:Silicone Viscosity Cp: Paste
Service Temperature: -65 to 177°C Rt Tack Free Time:20 min
Cure Time:24 hrs / 7 days Tensile Strength:325
Durometer/Hardness: 25 A Dielectric Strength: 550 volts/mil
Volume Resistivity: 1.5 X 10(15) ohm-cm Specific Gravity:1.04
Thermal Conductivity: 0.44 X 10(-3) Elongation: 600%
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