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Henkel Solar Power Industry Solutions

Henkel is the world's leading supplier of materials for Electronics assembly and an innovative supplier of adhesives and sealants to the Solar Power Industry. Leading Henkel brands include Loctite, Emerson and Cuming, Hysol, and Multicore.

Loctite, Emerson and Cuming and Hysol adhesives are used in a range of PV electronic applications. Loctite and Hysol structural adhesives span a range of chemistries including Epoxies, Methacrylates/Acrylics, and Anaerobics. Emerson and Cuming EccobondTM electrically and thermally conductive paste adhesives set the standard in applications where maximum conductivity and bond strength are important considerations.

Special features include:
- Long-term reliable, stable electrical contact, even on different non-noble metal substrates
- One-component and pre-mixed materials
- Low temperature cure (from 70oC) for heat sensitive substrates
- Very fast bonding for high assembly throughput

Solder Materials
Multicore® solder pastes, wire, and fluxes provide reliable, consistent performance.

Products include:
- Market-leading lead-free solder pastes
- Tin lead paste formulations for traditional and crossover manufacturing
- Flux solutions for dual wave and lead-free processes
- Cored and solid solder wire

PCB and Electrical Component Protection
Emerson and Cuming EccoCoat™ conformal coatings and Stycast™ Encapsulants and Potting Systems provide excellent protection for sensitive components and electronic systems.
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