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A few tips for adhesive
We believe that everyone has used adhesive, but what do we know about the adhesive itself? In fact, adhesive is not as simple as glue we usually used. It contains various types with different properties and applications separately. Only after we had a better understanding about adhesive, can we use it correctly and make it useful.

Now let’s briefly introduce several tips about adhesive to you.

1. Storage life
1) Each product has storage life, indicating shelf life under room temperature (24℃) according to international and national standards, wherein acrylate adhesive’s storage life is measured under temperature of 20℃. .,
2) For acrylate adhesive, the higher the temperature is, the shorter the storage life will be; but for water-based products, the adhesive quality will be influenced below 1℃.

2. Strength
1) Because there is no universal adhesive, so relevant adhesive should be selected based on different bonding surfaces.
2) There is no need to choose high strength products for low-strength bonding surface. Otherwise, the adhesive is underutilized and the cost will be increased.
3) Primary bonding strength is not the only parameter needed to focus on. In addition, the period of durability should be taken into consideration as well.
4) The performance of adhesive cured under high temperature is much higher than that of adhesive cured under room temperature. So if user requires the adhesive to have high strength and excellent durability, the best choice is to select hot melt adhesive.
5) α-cyanoacrylate(502 glue) is applicable for being used on emergency and small area repairing as well as continuous production. However it is not suitable at all for materials need high strength adhesive.

3. Others
1) PVAC and urea-formaldehyde glue could not be used for bonding metal.
2) If user requires transparent adhesive, they may choose: polyurethane adhesive, optical epoxy adhesive, saturated polyester adhesive and polyvinyl acetal adhesive.
3) Adhesive should not corrode the bonding surface. For example, polystyrene cystosepiment is not appropriate to be bonded by polychloroprene adhesive.
4) It is better that adhesive with higher brittleness do not be used to bond soft materials.

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