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The encapsulants application in the Clothing Industry
As we all know, the encapsulants are frequently used to protect the electronic parts. Except this, do you know its other application fields? The answer is that it can be applied to the cold proof down clothing. You may be curious about it. Actually, the simple principle is that it helps to prevent the down feather from coming out.

The down feather is easy to come out in the down clothing because of the fine, rigid and lubricant feather. In order to prevent this happening, the high density fabric has to be adopted, whose production needs high requirements for the fiber, loom and production technique. At present, the encapsulants application technique has been adopted at home and abroad, but it should meet the following three key points prior to the use.

1. The encapsulant film can fill the fabric’s voids and make the sweat get out.
2. The encapsulants should be soft, and cannot change the hardness at the different temperature, even though in the winter (low temperature).
3. The encapsulants are wear resistant and washable, but the popular encapsulants cannot meet the above two properties at the same time.

The above three key points are always the principal to develop the encapsulants, and now the great success has been achieved.

There are many brands for encapsulants at home and abroad, such as Loctite, Dymax. However, the encapsulants will release some toxic gas which is harmful to health. That’s why the encapsulants applied in the clothing industry are usually modified, for example, the modified synthetic latex encapsulants can be used safely in the clothing industry.

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