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Henkel wireless telecommunication facilities solutions
Posted on 2013-11-21 17:40:37
Henkel supplies high-performance assembly materials for electronics in wireless telecommunications infrastructure equipment.

With our unique RF grounding adhesives, available in both film and paste formats, we have earned a leading position in the assembly of base station electronics, as well as point-to-point and point-tomultipoint radiolink devices, satellite electronics, wireless home/office equipment and fiber optics. Henkel products are used in the assembly of power amplifiers, transmitters, receivers, couplers, and filters, as well as RF modules such as system-inpackages, power transistors, oscillators, optical fiber and more.

Our unique product line meets emerging market demands for improved RF performance in next-generation wireless telecommunications equipment, as well as increased thermal dissipation requirements for achieving longer distance communication capabilities. Henkel's solutions for these market challenges include RF grounding adhesives in film and paste formats, thermal interface materials for heat dissipation of high power components, electrically conductive adhesives as lead-free solder alternatives for active and passive component attach, lid seal adhesives, and underfills for component reinforcement.

Henkel wireless telecommunications facilities solutions:

Products for satellites
2、Electrically conductive adhesives:ABLEFILM®84-1LMI™、ABLEFILM®84-1LMIT1™、ABLEFILM®85-1™、ECCOBOND™56C™、ECCOBOND™CE8500™
3、Non conductive adhesives:ABLEFILM®84-3™
4、Thermally conductive adhesives:ABLEFILM®8700K™、ECCOBOND™E8502-1™、ECCOBOND™TE3530™
5、Lightweight synthetic sealants:HYSOL®ES1002™、STYCAST™1090SI™
6、B-Stage materials:ECCOBOND™E1470™
7、High temperature resistance coating:ECCOBOND™503-62%™

Products for base station
2、Electrically conductive adhesives:ECCOBOND™8177™、ECCOBOND™8177-0™、ECCOBOND™CE8500™
3、Solder paste replacement:ECCOBOND™CE3103WLV™、ECCOBOND™CE3104WXL™、ECCOBOND™CE3535™
4、Thermally conductive adhesives:ECCOBOND™E3503-1™、ECCOBOND™E8502-1™、ECCOBOND™TE3530™
5、B-Stage materials:ECCOBOND™E1470™6、Thermally conductive and electric insulating gaskets: LOCTITE®ISOSTRATE™
7、Thermally and electrically conductive pads:LOCTITE ®SILVERSTRATE™
8、Thermally conductive paste:LOCTITE®PSX-D™&PSX-P™
9、Solder paste:MULTICORE®LF318™

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