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LOCTITE HYSOL E-120HP Hysol Adhesive 29354 200ml Cartridge


LOCTITE® Hysol® E-120HP™ is a high viscosity, non-sagging industrial grade epoxy adhesive with extended work life. Once mixed, the two component epoxy cures at room temperature to form a tough, amber-beige bondline with excellent resistance to peel and impact forces.

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Typical Use:
Typical applications include bonding nose cones in aerospace applications. It is also suitable for low stress, general industrial applications which require high impact and high peel strength. Bonds dissimilar materials including aluminum, steel, and other metals, as well as a variety of plastics and ceramics.

Product Name: LOCTITE HYSOL E-120HP Hysol Adhesive 29354 200ml Cartridge

Color/Appearance:Off-white to beige liquid

1 Or 2 Part: 2
Mix Ratio: 2 : 1 by volume Work Life/Pot Life:120 minutes
Rt Tack Free Time: 140 minutes Tensile Strength: 5,900 psi
Durometer/Hardness: 76 to 90D Dielectric Strength: 25 kV/mm breakdown strength
Specific Gravity: 1.1 Elongation: 10%
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